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From: CATH
Date: Thursday, January 05, 2017 7:41 AM
To: Kate
Subject: Re: New Messages to Share!
Hi Kate! You really help me toon and everyone elses' messages and friendship!
The smoke alarm..that is a big one. Holey smokes that must have scared you all! is 5 AM a special number or time? Were you able to get back to sleep?
We have our big Wedding pic from 1987 on the wall since forever and that is always there. I bit the bullet and did a snap fish(?) for photos at 3 AM the other night! Am not to worlds most techy person, so it was a miracle I could do it. I ordered a whole bunch of pics and that helped and I was happy I did that. I have an old phone with pics on it too, so I want to get those printed. Anything is possible these days. And there a video camera tape that can be put onto a dvd they say..
Thanks, that s a good clue to be busy on THAT day. Too bad everything is Valentine s Day and the rest..I still have Pete s first card from Val. Day 1985.It was a HUGE Garfield Card...If kisses were wishes something about 25 cents.. it is lovey. I feel a bit brave now to look in a few boxes.THanks Kate.
Today I paid off the house. it was like the bank had never wrapped up a loan before. They sent me to the tellers and asked for Pete's signature!! ARGHHHH I was in tears.
Anyway, I recovered. I went to electronic store to get an Insurance on mobile phone Miss 19 had stolen.SO that was good. then went to buy canned tunna and local paper.I was in I offered a fellow that had his car burnt out a borrow of our car. He was very grateful but his insurance gave him a hire car.
I went to local pub and played Pete the panner poker machine. Very naughty. But Peter and I met playing the pokies in Sydney so I hadn't been for months. GOD was there today with me true story! I played all afternoon for free...for hours! It was great I put in 100 and took out 100 AMAZINGLY it was a miracle. Never had I ever had a day like that. I must have been there 3 hours -I hadn't played for months. I had a bad experience with TV fortune people their premium phone calls. $900 (I'm embarrassed to say) my telco was very sympathetic. They took off 50 and let me pay it over 6 that was VERY kind of them. I have never called them after that.
Thanks for listening. It s really nice I can tell you these things.
I think like you, when our sorrow is awful the messages aren't as around. The sorrow hits like a fully loaded semi trailer. Then things can be light. I pray alot 24/7 I won t do it again, I know not to push that.I am very grateful for it. It's great your son is close by too. Did they build their house?
Let there be light and I look forward to hearing from you Kate.

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