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Date: Sunday, January 01, 2017 11:47 PM
Subject: New Messages to Share!
1. A while back thinking about a Thunder Egg a fossilised rock ... which was a gift my son received from our local Church Bishop many years ago. I was wonder if he had it. A little while later I was looking for the spa manual in the kitchen, I smashed a pottery cup in the process. A few days later I saw something in the corner on the floor it was the Thunder egg Rock!!It must have been in the cup. A few days after that my son came on an unexpected visit from 5 hours away. I was so happy to tell him that story and give him his Egg.. When Pete passed away on Valentine s Day, the Hospital Chaplain Leonie was a long time friend of Edith, so that links that message.

2. Also I was thinking about a tiny world globe I bought for my Pete when we first met 32 years ago. It was from a 2 dollar shop. It was quite special, and the meaning of it was that "I wanted to give him the world"
Any way..a few day s after I smashed the pottery cup, on the bench in a corner behind the utensil jar was the globe!!It s funny. I hadn't really seen or thought about these things for years. I was so happy to see them! I have put the globe in front of Pete s picture.

3. Today, I was starting the car for 10 minutes, which I do every week, cause I don't drive. The car had been rego checked and the battery had been disconnected so the time was off. Today when I started it It was 3.37 and that was Pete's favourite time mumbers, and also The Newsboys Million Rain Drops was on the Christian Radio Channel! My favourite song and it s a very rare thing to hear. SO they all made me very happy topy today on another wise very sad time.

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