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From: Kate
Date: Wednesday, January 04, 2017 10:15 PM
Subject: Re: New Messages to Share!
I too was dreading "the day." Just as long as I wasn't sitting home alone thinking. I spent the day fairly busy. I helped my sister move some of her stuff. And later my son showed me his new home. I try very hard not to look at the clock so I have no idea what time it is. I just try to let it slip by me. And when I finally get past it, I feel a great relief that I did not obsess about it and end up in that dark place. I have always had many pictures around the house so looking at other pictures isn't too hard. Except the ones when we were newly married and young is painful. I do what you do and sometimes treat myself by buying something I would not ordinarily buy myself. That is fun.
It is so strange, I did well during the holidays, but suddenly started to get emotional towards the New Year. I do think feeling the couch "sink down" the morning of the 3 year marker, must have really helped me. It reminded me of something my husband used to do. He must have been there to help me get through this. It is also strange my cat is not as active now as she was earlier staring at the ceiling and reaching up the wall. She would meow and follow something. Maybe I had company for Christmas and now they are gone? It is so good to talk to you! I do think our sorrow keeps us from receiving their communication. Today I feel unusually optimistic and it does feel good.
I just thought of another unusual thing that happened to my son while he was staying with me until his new house closed escrow. The very first morning as he was showering, it caused the smoke detector to go off and not stop. At 5 in the morning it can really shake you out of bed. The next morning it did the same thing, but then stopped. And then it did not happen again after 3 weeks of showering. Definitely something strange.
Talk to you soon, and Happy New Year!!!

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