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From: CATH
Date: Friday, January 06, 2017 11:01 PM
To: Kate
Subject: Re: New Messages to Share!
Hi Kate
I;ve never heard of steam doing that either.Maybe it was really really, how strange. Maybe have you changed your battery since it happened or is it hardwired? Maybe the number 5 will mean something soon.
Pete and sometimes spent the money for cards on chocolate or champagne. but the cards I do have a really special too. It's nice to keep cards. I've got all these big plastic tubs to look at one day..I know there.ll be tears.
That was good you r Son's house sold quickly. It 's such a longwinded thing with just the paper work. I hope he is still closeby?
I never thought I would get sucked in by the tv card readers etc.
I just got the strongest smell f tobacco, but I just sprayed my faux frangpannis with their perfume....
I hope you have a good weekend there. Do you have snow? My sis in Adelaide has 41C today we are cooler at 35C
Take care there Kate

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