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From: CATH
Date: Sunday, January 08, 2017 5:09 AM
To: Josies-angel
Subject: Re: New Messages to Share!
Hi Josie!
It's lovely to hear from you. How interesting you see strange faces too. Are they colour or black and white? I see black and white like negatives. Sometimes old fashioned faces and then just faces. Always interesting to see them.
I have just started to talk to Pete like he is here and not way off in another dimension. It feels nice just too chat and not get all emotional and sad, and he always agrees with me. When Bill said HEY to you it must have been so real. It's funny, the things that really stand out and we know they are special.
That was good you had Christmas with your family. I was so happy when Chantelle said she was coming! She has Pete s Mum Dad and Sis close by and Pete's brother s family too. Pete lost his brother 3 year s before Pete so it s a sad time
You're right about no pace like home. Home is our sanctuary and safe space.
Pete always said it was safest if I don;t drive.. I have terrible vision and the bus is great here, along with home delivery and lost s of friends offering to take me places and shop. So that s really lovely. Even the lady I lent the car too has offered anytime I want to do anything. So I think I have made a friend!
Terrific your Grandson can use Bills truck! That s special to keep it in the family. That will make Bill proud to have him drive it. Kerri the lady who borrowed the car said she'll see how much her one cost s to fix, and if it s too much she might buy mine so that would be good.
David is still on P's and it will be another 2 years before he can drive a manual, and Chantelle doesn;t want to drive. It s good the car is having a run. I put the super duper petrol in it to cheer it up.
Your weather sounds lovely! We had 36 C or so and still 34 C at 9Pm now. phew! Our doggies are y te door where they get the cool breeze and I give them a shower a few times a day. You're talking about farenheight Josie? BRRR
How do you keep your self busy in the day Josie? I am trying to find out what to do to keep busy for this live stage...
Have a good week and I hope you have some signs! Take care there Josie

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