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From: CATH
Date: Friday, January 06, 2017 11:19 PM
To: Josies-angel
Subject: Re: New Messages to Share!
Hi Josie
Thanks so much! Lovely to see you again. HAPPY Christmas is over and not as melancholy. The saving grace is that Pete never really liked Christmas. It stems back from when he was younger. So I figured if he wasn't to wrapped in it I shouldn't be either. I had my daughter come to visit so that was really good of her. It s a long way.I hope your Christmas was with family there.
Do you meditate Josie? Sometimes on going to sleep I try to visualise things in my head. Sometime s maybe 4, I Have dreamt of Pete. I have heard of people having a visualisations. Wouldn't that be a surprise! would that scare you or would you be okay with it? I tell Pete I want to see him and it won't freak me.The week after he passed, I 'm sure I saw his shape walk past the bed to the bathroom, it was so real. I had to sleep with the light on! Have any of your family had signs from Bill?
I had an interesting meeting yesterday. I lent Pete s car, to a lady I didn't know as heres started to smoke, because I don't drive, and it s a shame to have the car just sitting there. Anyway we were chatting and asking where each other used to live. It was at a cattle station in the Snowy. Adaminaby. And half an hour before Kerri she came to see me a friend of hers that used to OWN that cattle station- texted her!! We all went goosebumpy!And her sister has the exact same car only 1 year newer. same colour too... I Love things like that! It s a small world. I try to make day to day thngs have meaning. How do you get through your days? Do you chat to Bill? I find comfort in the Bible.
Hope you have a good weekend there Joise

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