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From: Josies-angel
Date: Saturday, January 07, 2017 8:03 PM
Subject: Re: New Messages to Share!
Hi Cath,I have meditated quite a few times and I have had visuals but not of Bill yet,but when I close my eyes sometimes I get all kinds of pics,mostly faces and I have no clue as to who they are. Once I had a visual of a lady coming out of a farmhouse carrying a laundry basket on her hip,with a long dress on and an apron and her hair in a bun. I told a friend of mine who is a Shaman and he says that was me in another life,I thought that was pretty interesting. As far as talking to Bill,I talk to him a lot,if anyone was to hear me they would think I have lost it but I know he hears me and I don't know if you remember or not but the day before our 51st anniversary I was sitting at the computer and I heard "Hey",it was so real,I got up and went to look outside no one was there,when I sat back down at the computer I realized that it was Bill breaking through the veil to let me know he was around.What a wonderful anniversary present that was.

Cath,Im glad your daughter came to visit you for Christmas,Christmas is a mixture of happy and sad anyway and to be alone would have made it worse. I went to my son's house for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,it was nice but I was glad to get back home.No place like home.

It was nice of you to lend that lady your Pete's car,if you don't drive why not just sell his car,or would it be too soon for you to do that. I have Bill's truck outside and my grandson will be having it soon, he has his learners permit right now and he will be 16 in May.It will stay in the family,but still I will miss it being here outside. I do drive it time to time,but prefer to drive my camry. Cath,why not get your driving permit so you can be independent,have you considered that?

We got a lot of snow here today, I went out and shoved the side porch off and the steps and a path to the truck and one to the grass.Soo much snow, looks to be 8 to 10 inches,its pretty,but don't care to drive in it,but even with a truck don't think I can get out for a few days. Its mighty cold here tonight its 16 degrees and not expected to get pass the 20s tomorrow. I feel for all the animals out there that have to be out in this stuff,just hope those who have animals will bring them inside where its warm.

well,guess I have bent your ears enough for now, Cath you take good care and I hope you get more signs from your Pete soon. Hugs to you

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