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From: Barbara
Date: Thursday, May 25, 2017 4:34 AM
Subject: Re: Nerves
Hi Cath - not sure if your posting was for me as you addressed it to Pat but mentioned Doug - so thoughtthat I would respond anyway! How are you? No signs from Doug but I have felt him close by - little things pop into mind leaving me wondering where did that come from - but as they are normally Doug related and our time together I feel it is him putting the thought there! I have started meditating again to try and quieten my mind and to relax a little and I think that is helping. As you know it is just so hard not to be able to reach out and touch the one you love or to hear his voice! I am keeping busy - or trying to! I have a friend who is a trained counseller, soul midwife and holistic therapist and it has been a dream of hers to open a local death café - living in quite a small town with a lot of retirees it is a difficult subject to raise - but I have helped her set up the "Next Steps"café which is a place for the bereaved to drop in for a chat and coffee/cake or anyone dealing with a terminal illness etc - we are setting up guest speakers to cover Living Wills, funeral arrangements etc - a kind of resource centre - so that although quite difficult with the range of emotions that I go through is something that I really want to help her make work. When Doug passed away and having no family to turn to, I found that there was no bereavement support - just Doctors handing out anti depressants which I really did not want to take - so feel this is a nudge from my spirit family to make this work! Let me know what you are up to and what signs you have had from your loved ones - I think when anyone on this board gets a sign it is a sign for us all as it is proving our loved ones are close by. Take care - love and hugs x

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