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From: CATH
Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2017 4:34 AM
To: Barbara
Subject: Re: Nerves
Hi Barbara How are you? You did AMAZINGLY!!!!! You are very brave/ I would like to do that,, go away for a w few days one day. I went on the plane when my son was sick, but that happened without a thought, but to do a trip for pleasure seems a strange thing to do, because everything reminds me of Pete. But we all have a long way to go and on we go!
The ONLY benefit can see from this un imaginable grief, is that we will never feel fresh sorry as bad as we have experienced...ever. I feel sad for others who haven't lost their partners. They will have such sadness, but I will never again which s good. Cause I couldn't do it again.
So you did it! The FIRST of many trips away for you Barbara! Doug would be very proud of you! You must be exhausted!
I am thinking a group trip for me for my first adventure, where ever that may be. I am not as brave as you. That s great you've taken the first step.
Take care there Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure.

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