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From: CATH
Date: Thursday, May 18, 2017 9:43 AM
To: DonniesCarole
Subject: Re: Nerves
Hi Carole!
How are you? That was a great sign for you! I haven't heard pf that song but I will look up youtube. It s amazing how our signs come through so loud and clear. It is an old song Tropical Holiday? Did you and Donnie like to spend time in the tiki hut? He sure is watching you! These signs really brighten me up. I had an especially weepy Tuesday but on Wednesday I did feel alot better and not weepy. I thanked God very much for letting me through another day relatively unscathed compared to some days. It's strange. was that a job Donnie would do, cleaning up the hut? I got the whipper sniper started the other day. It felt great doing a job Pete would do. He probably thought it was incredible I could do it! Have you been doing Donnie's jobs? Can you feel him with you guiding you? Are there jobs only Donnie could do that you now do? I think we are rolling along all together. I'm GLAD I have you and everyone here, you really keep me going!
Take care there Carole!

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