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From: Barbara
Date: Friday, May 12, 2017 6:02 AM
Subject: Nerves
Hi All - I read the board daily but rarely post anything. My husband passed away just over 6 years ago and this weekend I am going away on my own for three days - the first time I have been away totally my own and the nerves are kicking in! It is a good job that I booked and paid for the hotel up front rather than being able to cancel up to 4.00pm on the day because I think I would probably take the easy route and not go. I have spoken with Doug (my husband) this morning and asked him to be with me and to show me a sign - so fingers crossed that something will register with me during the next three days. It is helpful to be able to put my feelings on paper - my emotions are up and down and I have to keep telling myself I can do this and Doug would be so proud of me. Sadly all my family are in spirit and although friends are wishing me well it is not the same as having someone from your family being at the end of a phone if I have a wobble! So please keep me in your thoughts - just off to catch the bus, then a train and booking into the hotel around 4.00pm - all alien things to me and out of my comfort zone. I will let you all know after the weekend if my plea for a sign comes through!! Off I go!! Love to all

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