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From: CATH
Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2017 5:04 PM
To: Barbara
Subject: Re: Nerves
Hi Barbara!
TOO Right ! You have made an amazing break through with you r adventure. I Bet Doug couldn't believe you were finally venturing out for a time away. You know, you have been making huge break through s yourself. You just didn't even think about it.. Every day are huge days and major big steps. And Doug has been with you every step. I hear that when we are sad the signs don;t seem to happen. When we least expect it we will actually see them. It takes determination.Look how far you've come and everyday you challenge yourself and get through each day. I love thinking at night.."Hey God THANK YOU for getting me through another Day! You are so awesome!!" I have a few little thongs just in the last week...If I might bend your ear. Lately I have been thinking about Dagwood and Blondie Bumstead. Do you remember the 1960 black and white TV show? Anyway, Last Monday listening t Waggas Life FM They play the best music and have great guests. On the gardening show they were talking about Horseradish and saying Dagwood used to love horseradish. I mean I never have heard of anyone mentioning Dagwood!! I was so surprised! Also I sleep on the lounge now cause I don't like going to bed. Pete's favourite time on the clock was 3.37 That was last three numbers of his official Nay number. I woke up the other morning at 3.37 ! A few months after Pete's passing I got up one morning at the loungeroom clock had stopped at 3.37 !! These are hugely meaningful events for me and they keep me going. Every day I pray for signs. I am so excited to think of what could be next. Even here, I just saw a typo disappear and didn't even fix it myself. Today will be a very good day and I pray it will be a GREAT day you too Barbara! Its the beginning of Thursday here in OZ so have a BRILLIANT DAY everyone!
Take care there Barbara and everyone!

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