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From: linda
Date: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 12:47 PM
To: linda
Subject: Re: Song Lyrics -- not a coincidence
Thank you for your kindness. I mostly look for answers when I hear from him. It kind of riles me up and I want to know why. But when I don't hear from him for a long while, I am actually better, not thinking of him or feeling uneasy. Now that I am saying this, I realize that it is opposite of how I long for ADCs from my parents, and ask them once in a while to send me something so that I realize they are right there with me. Everything is the opposite, which I guess is my problem. You could say that he is one of my loved ones, but he never loved me in the same way. I am positive that my answers will come when I get to the other side and see why I had to learn these lessons. It's just my path, and I accept it.

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