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From: Josies-angel
Date: Thursday, August 18, 2016 10:47 PM
To: linda
Subject: Re: Song Lyrics -- not a coincidence
Dear Linda,I remember when you first came here and I think I remember your love's name was Bernie and your first ADC was when the first aid kit flew off the shelf. Why I remember it so well is beyond me,but I do. I understand why you felt and still feel hurt by the way he treated you but if I may Id like to give you a different perspective.

That first sign you got from him I believe was his way of not only getting your attention but also to let you know he was around you. I dont think he would have bothered giving you a sign if he did not care. Ya know Linda,sometimes we may say or do something that may hurt another but unless one is aware may not even realize how it affects another.I bet you he was not aware of how hurtful his words were(even though he should have been)but you can bet he knows it now and did 8 years ago.
The song "you were always on my mind" Im so glad you heard that song and so glad you got the message. I believe he is wanting and needing your forgiveness so much and as difficult as it is for you,if he had your forgiveness it would help him to move forward. You are trying and in time I think it will come and it will be healing for Bernie,but also very healing for you.

Linda,you have always been a rock for so many here and Im so glad you are still coming around. Lots oflove to you and prayers for your healing

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