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From: Donnie's Carole
Date: Saturday, August 20, 2016 10:07 AM
To: linda
Subject: Re: Song Lyrics -- not a coincidence
Linda, Your post was a start for you on the forgiveness journey. To be able to just get it out and talk about it will help. Forgiving someone does not mean you forget or that it takes away the hurt. It just means you can let go of a little of the stress that it causes you. I have had a similar situation in my life . After Donnie passed a family member of his was very cruel to me and my daughter. We didn't see this family member for several years, and then after another family member passed we saw him at the house of this person. He said good bye as my daughter and I left the house and when we were in the car , my daughter ask if I noticed , that he said good bye instead of so long like he always used to. days later he killed himself. We felt sad about it but we still had the hurt he had inflicted on us. A few months later I had a dream , Donnie was walking up a beach with his arm around this person, and I was walking beside Donnie. I ask Donnie where is this place and He said It is a healing beach. It has taken many years , but I am finally beginning to forgive this person. I am realizing that he must have had a sad life to do this to himself, and to hurt others. I now wish him a better life in spirit now and healing too. It has lifted a weight from me to let my anger go. I still feel the hurt but the anger is gone. I love that song "you Got a Friend" by James Taylor. It has given me many an adc to hear it at times when I needed it. I hope you get some comfort soon, and know you do have friends right here on this board. I feel your friend is trying to say he is sorry for hurting you with your song messages. They are adcs.

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