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From: linda
Date: Friday, August 19, 2016 8:21 AM
To: Teresa
Subject: Re: Song Lyrics -- not a coincidence
Dear Teresa, it was so good to hear from you, and thank you for saying that sometimes you have problems forgiving, too. I was with this man for almost half of my life, so there are many bad memories, but believe me, I try to think of the good ones more often. I think that what your mom did was remarkable. She basically took away her children's guilt by saying that whatever you might have done that hurt her over the years, she forgave you. What a blessing. I often think of little things (thankfully not too large) that I did to my parents all the time that must have hurt them. Just thinking of these things brings tears to my eyes. My mother often told me, when I am gone, you will think back to this and feel bad -- and boy, do I! We all cause hurts; that's just human nature. But we must realize that the only thing we can do now is to be better people, and do it in honor of our loved ones. I make special efforts not to hurt people now and not to jump into controversy, unless it is truly to help -- not to hurt -- another. Given all this, and knowing that I myself have hurt my parents in many small but hateful ways, I have tried to forgive Bernie but just can't do it yet. Maybe it is my pride, that I would be giving in and get nothing for it. But I keep trying. I make afghans for hospice patents and sometimes people call me a "saint." But I quickly tell them, oh, no, not at all -- if you only knew sometimes what I was thinking! So we all need forgiveness, and yes, we should all give it freely to others. Much love, Linda

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