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From: linda
Date: Thursday, August 18, 2016 2:41 PM
Subject: Song Lyrics -- not a coincidence
Hello, I have been reading here off and on but have not had that much to write about. I still get flashes of my parents' faces quite often, and I cherish them. I started coming to this wonderful site around 8 years ago when an old love committed suicide, and those of you who know me here know that I was and still am conflicted about his death. He had hurt me so badly that I didn't really want to feel bad or pray for his soul, as I would for just about anyone else. Anyway, yesterday I saw a post online that included the lyrics to You've Got a Friend. I wasn't happy to see those words. Many years ago when I was in my 20s my then-love, the man I have mentioned above, was having a terrible time with a family member's illness. Because I was so young and impressionable, I sent him -- anonymously -- the lyrics to You've Got a Friend. I so much wanted to say that I would support him through this difficult time. He asked me if I had sent the lyrics, and I was embarrassed and said no. He said, well, that s a good thing, because I think it was very schmaltzy and juvenile. I never forgot how mean he was about it and never admitted I had sent the lyrics, even though he said he knew it was me. So when I saw these lyrics yesterday, I had a "talk" with my friend and said this was one of the million reasons why I could never forgive him or pray for him -- he was just mean, and he never cared to explain why to me! Well, this morning I was in Starbucks and what music was playing but You Were Always on My Mind. I feel that this was my answer to my question to him yesterday, why did you treat me so badly? You Were Always on My Mind basically says, I was never as good to you as I could have been, but even so, you were always on my mind. I don't think that this answer takes away all the hurt and pain over the years, but it's a start, and I would just say to him, keep talking! And thank you to so many of you who were here 8 years ago let me talk and talk. Almost everyone here talks about lost loved ones, but my story is different. I always hope, though, that before I return to spirit myself, I will have forgiven the few people in my life who have hurt me enough that I have not been able to forgive them. I know it is not right of me, and in my quiet moments I try to work through it.

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