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From: Bruce
Date: Thursday, December 05, 2019 8:51 PM
To: Josies-angel
Subject: Re: ADC from Unborn Child
Everything is fine and I wish I had been able to get back to you the following day but things piled up here. You have only helped to make things better and I thank you for everything you have said. It does feel good to think that there is another life we can have with her (and with another child we lost early) as well as the wonderful reunions we will all have with our loved ones there.

Our adopted son has been the light of our lives and the greatest gift we have ever been given. We too are grateful to be able to be in reasonably good health – we have had close friends pass too early. My wife is doing OK with her issues and is working towards better health. Maybe His plan is that we help each other as we can and you are doing that. Thank you again – we wish for happiness and peace for you too.

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