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From: Bruce
Date: Sunday, December 01, 2019 10:14 AM
Subject: ADC from Unborn Child
A few days ago I had a dream that our first unborn child was with me at a restaurant calling me "Daddy". She was about 4 years old with curly hair (which I also have) and I felt a very strong connection with her. It felt like a visitation – it was very real as if we were actually together. I cannot stop thinking about this dream. It has been 32 years since we lost this child in a miscarriage.

We have had many other ADC’s from passed loved ones but neither of us has experienced anything like this with our unborn children. This has been a difficult loss for us to grieve. Now there is a child talking to me and she has an identity. Has anyone else had an ADC as a dream or visitation from an unborn child?

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