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From: Josies-angel
Date: Wednesday, December 04, 2019 11:34 PM
To: Bruce
Subject: Re: ADC from Unborn Child
Bruce, thank you,I am so relived that you replied back for I was so concerned that I had said the wrong thing and made things worse for you and that bothered me greatly.So thank you for giving me that peace that you understand where I was coming from.

Bruce there is no doubt in my mind that you and your wife will have a life together on the other side with your daughter and I will with my son also. I truly believe that what awaits us after we have completed our mission here is sheer joy and beauty and reconnecting with our loved ones.

I am sorry that you and your wife did not get the support and seriousness from family and friends for the losses you have suffered and bless you for adopting your son and giving a child a loving and nurturing place that he may not have had otherwise. I wish we all could figure out God's plan for us and maybe some do but I am 73 years old and I still am not sure what His plan is for me but I am just so grateful for each day I can get up and be independent.

I dont know the medical problems your wife has faced or is facing but I hope that she will overcome them and feel better. You both deserve happiness and above all peace,I wish that for you both.

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