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From: Denise
Date: Saturday, December 09, 2017 10:07 PM
To: Josies-angel
Subject: Re: The life of a child
it hurts my heart so badly like many others- cause he deserved so much better than that. I look back on last week when I had that outburst and still can feel the intensity of my emotions that led me to the point I was standing up yelling at him.
I am to be honest kind of still reeling from such an intense emotional strike to my heart that it was-- even as I did it I recall not being concerned what the others in the court thought because I had such a white hot anger I was purely focused on that man.
This case seems to be defining in many ways and that I think it is unprecedented that four social workers are in deep trouble with the district attorney now having been formally charge with felony child abuse they are facing prison time. That would be unprecedented really for even one social worker but four ?

His life here is now past and he is at peace. Since it's such a page turner in every way- all four social workers were fired , couple of them were longer term workers too. Not only fired but possibly on their way to prison in the near future.
I hope society will be able to not waste this profound tragedy and that instead we will really make deep changes- starting with firing any child service workers who are caught being negligent or writing false reports. Children don't have the luxury if they're being abused to wait until incompetent social workers promise to improve. They need immediate help. If just one of those four social wroerks cared he might be alive today.
So I heard there will be a bill for Gabriel to require dcfs to keep digital records, I hope hat will help, notnsure how much but it's probably something that could be helpful he thing is that written or digital if there are lazy or dishonest workers behind the reports not sure how much difference digital would make but perhaps there's more safeguards that way?
Most important imo is for society not to just be lazy or assume some one else will report it. The boys neighbors said they had heard loud screams crying etc and saw him with black eye etc but they assumed someone probably already reported it.
Better safe than sorry.
So I hope his life can give life and hope now to kids in abusive or dangerous situations and people will sit up and take notice and see there's not a downside to speaking out for a kid. I hope Gabriel's life will have a ripple effect in that way, spreading out triggering changes and new laws and future children will be saved. I know he would want that.

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