Re: The life of a child
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From: Teresa
Date: Saturday, December 09, 2017 10:23 PM
To: Denise
Subject: Re: The life of a child
Dear Denise,

It does appear that God might be calling you into somehow working with or for children who need an advocate, maybe especially in the court system.

CASA comes to mind. "Court Appointed Special Advocates" (CASA) is a non-profit organization serving the most severely abused, abandoned and neglected children through the recruitment, training, and supervision of community volunteers who advocate for their best interests." I am sure there are many other ways to serve children in need, of course.

I am sure the children you've prayed for, and shed tears for, are aware of your loving care, and are sending you messages, such as the flowers, to let you know they appreciate your love! :)

That's wonderful about the golden light streaming down from above your head, while you were making the video to your daughter! Another loving ADC, perhaps helped along by a loving God that "approves" of your kind and loving interest in the welfare of His children! Perhaps God was saying, "Well done, Denise!"

I'm thinking about the angels announcing the birth of Jesus, while "the glory of the Lord shone around them." Another instance of God's shining glory, was when he walked past Moses on the mountain, and He hid Moses behind a rock, so the bright light wouldn't blind him. And when Moses came down from talking to God, Moses' face was glowing from simply being NEAR God! :)

I'm sure God's heart was touched by your love for those poor children of His!

Blessings, Denise.



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