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From: Denise
Date: Monday, December 11, 2017 5:48 PM
To: Denise
Subject: Re: The life of a child
Monday - closing arguments completed several hours ago, close to noon Los Angeles time. The jury is to my understanding is now in process of deliberating on aguirres fate-- he's only got two future paths and neither one looks good- either life without parole, or the death penalty.

Of course nobody can ever predict for sure but I did hear it is very possible this jury is going to get down to business and deliver their verdict soon- even possibly by tomorrow ( again who knows- it could be in an hour from now, or two weeks,,, in any case his only two outcomes are lwop or death penalty and that is result of the choice he made ongoingly over an 8 months period to engage and plan out daily torture and beatings of little Gabriel.

Prosecutor deliverers a strong final blow imo to Aguirre-- showed pics of Gabriel as a healthy happy little boy before Aguirre came to the picture and then after pictures of Gabriel some too graphic to look without breaking down crying.
The prosecutor made key points-- I don't know much of the law but factors for the death penalty such as the special circumstance of torture and that he did it of his own free will- nobody was holding a gun to him telling him to do those acts. Also Aguirre doesn't have some type of true psychosis nor is he mentally retarded etc.

The defense was a pathetic attempt at grabbing at any straw to get jurors to feel sorry for Aguirre-- they showed pictures of the defendant as a little boy, irrelevant obviously except meant to elicit sympathy. Defense listed irrelevant points such as his own mother came from "a poor village in Mexico"-- ?? As if that somehow helps to water down what he did... also said he was nice to his sister sometimes helped her with homework. It was dumb and pointless itrelevant whether his mother was from a poor village or if he helped his sister with homework etc! Dumb but given the fact his own defense attorneys from the get go never disputed any of the acts he did, they don't have much to work with-- it's like "yes jury we know he did torture and murder the boy, but.... look at how before he never did anything like that and he was an altar boy and his poor mother struggled she was from a village"--- so offensive I had to turn it off and just prayed instead.

Merry Christmas sweet Gabriel the most important thing is now you truly are at ease and can rest in freedom to be joyful and at ease and not be hurt ever again.

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