The life of a child
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From: Denise
Date: Monday, December 04, 2017 2:35 PM
Subject: The life of a child
Not sure maybe this is kind of a new thing life is calling me into...last month I was following the child abuse / murder of a little girl in tezxas and I prayed and talked to her a few times.... few days later got what seemed may have been an adc from her , perhaps her acknowledging she was aware of my support and prayers for her..

Then a couple weeks ago became aware of a horrific case now being tried in Los Angeles court- the beating death of 8 yr old boy by his mom and her boyfriend- they had also tortured him. Two weeks ago the jury found the first defendant the boyfriend guilty on both counts of murder and also the special circumstance of torture making him officially a candidate for the death penalty. In any case I felt strongly led to attend the trial late last week- found out it was open to public and only 45 minutes from my house - I was able to get a seat in the back.
The reason for this post is in this time I have sometimes prayed for Gabriel the victim who died at age 8 from severe physical abuse and torture that occurred over an 8 month period.
I sometimes have told him I'm sorry and that everyone loves him and are fighting for him to have justice etc.
It's brought me like so many other people obviously to tears and heartbreak. I think of him often these days.

Two days ago I went to have a special custom made tshirt with his sweet picture on the front with a heart.

Later that night I got a call from daughter asking me to meet her at a restaurant we usually don't ever go to- maybe twice in five years- anyways I had to pull in back of parking lot the front was fenced off for construction. I parked in the back part of the lot, didn't see any other cars around except hers and another car farther off. I think because of the fenced off front entrance most people assume it's closed or they don't want to bother maneuvering through the side street to enter the back part of the lot.
Anyways in other words it looks like construction has been going on for a while and even on Saturday evening only me and my daughter and two other people were there. As soon as I got out of my car and opened the door, I saw a small bunch of yellow carnations maybe half a foot away right by my driver side door so I couldn't help seeing them laying on the ground by my door.
As soon as I saw them I thought it was probably little Gabriel saying hello and acknowledging he's aware of me going to court and praying for him . I think also the fact only two hours earlier I had gone to a store to have a custom made shirt made with his picture on it and was wearing it, made me feel he was aware of that. I picked up the yellow flowers and put em on the dash of my car, they're so far holding up ok.
I always liked the color yellow.

Any thoughts?

My spiritual beliefs are that when someone who's past will be aware even of hey didn't know the person in life if they are doing something on their behalf and now am wondering if life is taking me direction to advocate for children who are abused.

Merry Christmas to you Gabriel in Heaven xoxo

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