Re: Something weird happened
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From: CATH
Date: Monday, August 14, 2017 5:58 PM
To: kate
Subject: Re: Something weird happened
Hi Kate
Phew that HOT! We get up there in summer. strangely looking forward to it.
Today we have rain YAY.
The other day I clear out the buffet and hutch. I'm waiting for the painter to come and paint 1 wall behind it. There is stuff everywhere! On the table benches We keep everything. Even the monogrammed matches from our wedding 4 4 87
Peter and Catherine... A Striking Couple in Shiny Satin Sapphire Blue
What projects have you got on the go? How it fence holding up? Nice and straight? How are your hubbys signs going?

Do you ever try to guess the time when you wake up in the mornings?

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