Re: Something weird happened
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From: CATH
Date: Thursday, August 10, 2017 4:13 PM
To: Kate
Subject: Re: Something weird happened
Hi Kate How are you? HAHAH AGREE! Thank Goodness for Youtube! You have done well. We can get into a real mess with cement. A friend of Pete offered to whipper snip for me, that was great. But I just wanted to be shown how to start it up, then I'm right. Certainly good for sleep time doing everything or hubby s did. I'm up early to day 4.40am ... cause I had to get p. It s very weird. So I am planning my day. Clearing out the chine heavy wood cabinet, so the painters can shift it and paint it. It was a dark grey/blue wall and the rest f area is pale green for the kitchen. And with the house up for sale I don;t want to make a hash. The outside wood under the roof needs repainting too. That's a tall man and ladder job! Best to be safe. I should be able to paint, but never done a wall. I've done the Adirondaks..they turned out really well. Love doing outside things now. The time gets used up so quickly and a good use of time. Now the weather is warming it will be great to get outside. 18 C yesterday! After weeks of 9 C _ 15 C each day, nice to get warm. It s been hot there? Keep cool! Your hubby would be smiling proudly to you keeping the home fires burning and Taking care of Business!

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