Re: Something weird happened
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From: CATH
Date: Wednesday, August 09, 2017 9:06 PM
To: Kate
Subject: Re: Something weird happened
Hi Kate
This is so weird! On the weekend I was sinking a star picket post in to put up a bamboo screen fence for the spa and How water service. thinking WOW I did this and Pete would have said GOOD JOB@! I was thinking he should be doing this ! I felt angry. But then.I did it and he was guiding me. Actually the star picket went in really easily. Was surprised. I also sold Pete s car yesterday, cause I don;t drive, and he always said it was safest if I don't drive lol. But I got 3200 which was great. Pete sold our last car to buy this one and he got 2000 so I was happy to get more than him.
When I was reading your message it was like reading my day last weekend.. How amazing! How did you go with the cement? You did well to do that! Very exotic! I have't got braveness yet to do cement. I thought of getting a very substantial metal fence for the Sp filter, but, know Murphy s law, something would happen to the spa and I'd need to take it out..Your hubby was guiding you along with that. Had you done anything like that before?

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