Re: Something weird happened
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From: DonniesCarole
Date: Wednesday, August 09, 2017 8:19 AM
To: Kate
Subject: Re: Something weird happened
Kate, what a great adc, the dream was real and then to confirm it was him in the dream he imposed his face on that man. Before my sister passed, she and I were driving down the street and a man pulled up beside us and we both said that looks just like Daddy. We followed the car for a bit but the next light he didn't look so much like Daddy after all. Once in the Home Depot parking lot, I could have sworn a man sitting in a car was my Husband, It was an old car like he used to drive as a teenager. I didn't approach the car and when I came out it was gone. Several years ago there were a couple of people on this board that had this experience. I think it was talked about how a loved one can transpose their face on to someone else for a few moments. It 's so exciting when this happens. I hope you are keeping a journal of all your adcs.

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