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From: Andy
Date: Sunday, March 27, 2016 6:48 AM
Subject: Re: Message on Computer

The person I normally hear from is my best friend who died nearly 9 years ago. He had health problems the last few years of his life and I was basically his live in caregiver. He was hospitalized for "mental illness" and since he had no living relatives in the area, they would not release him unless someone promised to look after him.

One of his "mental illness" symptoms was hearing music and voices coming out of a fan. I would shake my head when he would very matter of factly tell me that.

You can only imagine my shock and dismay when after his death, I started hearing voices and music coming out of the same fan!

I have read that often spiritual experiences are misdiagnosed as mental illness. I thought maybe I was losing it, but now, many years later, I am still running a business and function pretty normally. Having received ADC's of all sorts, I believe they are very real.

I have kept a good diary. Keeping a diary is one suggestion, because it is fascinating years later to read the episodes in your own words, when otherwise you could forget them over time. I do keep his urn nearby and also run white noise. It is hard to say I have proof that attracts or enhances ADC's, but for me it seems to have helped.

Best Wishes,


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