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From: Tracy
Date: Sunday, March 27, 2016 8:19 PM
To: Tracy
Subject: Re: Message on Computer
Hi Tracy..sorry I got my messages mixed... I will start writing down ADC s now too. Yesterday while waiting for my friend Bec to pic me up for lunch I grey feather on the ground, then a monarch butterfly and then a black and white butterfly.. 3 in one!
Does your son hear from your Dad too? I've had a few signs while watching tv too. I was looking up a youtube abouch Philadephia and while watching Touched By An Angel..hey were talking about about Philiadelphia. and then a kitchen scene with copper pots..and how I love Copper Pots. Watching the STING with Robert Redford, they were playing Cribbage and we used to play it,,and They were having the Horse racing scene, the race caller talking about Rockingham USA and we used to live in Rockingham Australia... I hope you get more signs! CATHX.

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