Re: Creeping me out
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From: Maryann
Date: Saturday, August 29, 2020 1:47 PM
To: Elana
Subject: Re: Creeping me out
Ditto to what Josie posted.

The "witching" hour is supposed to be when our Souls in the physical body can feel closer to our Loved Ones in Spirit. They can't hurt you. Only love you and will try to find a way to let you know their love. I think it has something to do with OUR Spiritual energy matching closer to their energy. It's like watching a fan operate. We are at the low setting. They are at the highest setting, where you can't see the blades moving, although you know they are. When we are asleep or in that half way state (alpha state), we and our Loved Ones "settings" sort of go to that middle setting in energy. Ours raises and theirs lowers. Hope that makes sense.

Nightmares are only our own minds working overtime. Our Loved Ones in Spirit may give us a Dream Visit, but it is ALWAYS VIVID and FULL OF JOY. You will know when it happens. When you wake you will still feel the joy at some level and will remember the dream clearly. The memory will stay with you for a long time. (I always suggest that one write down the experience as soon as one can because the little details may fade.)

Sorry for such a long post.

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