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From: Elana
Date: Tuesday, August 25, 2020 11:50 PM
Subject: Creeping me out
So I am new to not a religious or spiritual person don't even really believe in paranormal stuff
Either way I wasn't raised with my father he went missing in 93 and his remains were found in 96 I don't even think about him. For whatever reason today I was so I decided to try and find the newspaper article from him being found and his obituary. Couldn't find any obituary and the article didn't say his bday or anything. I did find pic of his crave stone which only said his birth yr.
Here comes the part that freaks me out I messaged his brother to ask when his bday was and if he had any pics. he responded to tell me today is his birthday.i just don't feel like it's a coincidence but why 20yrs after he passed did this happen

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