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From: Denise
Date: Monday, July 03, 2017 11:36 AM
To: DonniesCarole
Subject: Re: Friends forever
Hi Carole thank so much! In a way friends to me are special in their own right since you choose your friends unlike some family members we are just given them, so to me a best friend especially is very significant ... The sudden impact and trauma of her sudden death ( walked home with her from school , went to dentist and during that time she ran into the street hit by car, next morning I'm having breakfast excited to go to school and see her like usual and my dad pulls me aside with a serious worried look on his face that he needs to talk to me before I go to school and out of nowhere "Denise I need to tell you something before you go to school because I know you and Vicki are good friends and she's in your class, but I need to let you know you won't see her today". "Why dad? Where is she?" " well Denise, I'm really sorry but remember how your supposed to be careful and not go in the street ? Yesterday Vicki was playing and ran in the street and so you can never see her again...she's in heaven now because she ran in the street". " well when is she gonna come back so I can play with her?" "I'm sorry but I need you to understand you can never see or play with her again, she's far away in heaven". I felt all this fear and confusion and panic and tried to find a way"dad then if she can't come here how can I go over to where she is?" "No Denise you can't go there because then you couldn't be with us"--- boom.. Then after that point I have no memory for almost about two years

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