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From: Andy
Date: Tuesday, July 04, 2017 1:08 AM
To: Denise
Subject: Re: Friends forever

Thanks for sharing your inspiring and wonderful dream visit from Vicki. She was so wonderful and kind to have contacted you.

You are right, dream visits from our beloved friends and relatives are quite different than usual dreams. They are so much more detailed, you remember them far better than all but the most vivid memories of "real" life.

I had a dream ADC from my best friend that took place more than 9 years ago. I remember so clearly him sitting there and reading his obituary with such interest. I also remember showing him the "box" containing his remains, which did not seem to interest him nearly as much.

I was able to ask him questions, and learned that his perception of time seemed totally different "there" than "here". He told me that he thought only a couple of hours had gone by since his passing, when in reality it was more than 8 months.

I started calling a mutual friend and was joking that the friend was going to be very surprised to hear from him. But then the dream ended.

I remember that visit far better than 99% of what happens in "real" life.


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