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From: Snapdragon
Date: Monday, August 22, 2016 12:19 AM
To: Josies-angel
Subject: Re: checking in
Hi (((Josiesangel)))!

It is so nice to see you here! I have also been away from the board for a bit. After my mom’s surgery (which was a success, thank God), we both caught colds and as we were recovering, they turned into severe upper respiratory infections. So, I’ve been away from the board trying to get my health back. I don’t think I posted this before, but last year I developed a condition called “vestibular neuritis” which left me with debilitating vertigo- I have been in physiotherapy to help me recover and I am so much better. It was a real physical sign that my life was out of balance and one of the reasons I left my job, since it was draining my health away. So, I now am trying to be good to myself, I’m not used to this, so it’s been a challenge to just “be”.

Your ADCs are so beautiful and meaningful. You can have no doubt that they are Bill’s way of letting you know he is only a breath away. I am glad that you received validation from Bill about his oxygen. After my Dad passed away, there were so many “what if’s” and even though I knew we couldn’t have done anything any differently, those dark nights of the soul have a way of reminding you of all the things you could have done, and there are always countless other decisions that could have been made at any given point in time. However, I strongly believe that we all have our time, that there is a Divine Choreography at work and that moment of our last breath here and our first there, is our sacred and unchangeable moment, just like our birth here is our moment too- both holy in and of themselves.

Your ADC of the red rose is just so special and heartwarming! My mom has gotten several ADCs of flowers in the summer and our Christmas Amaryllis always blooms once on Christmas and the second time for New Year’s. I am certain in my heart that flower ADCs are very powerful messages of love! And we always get them in pairs- I remember my Dad doing that when he was with us, as he never wanted one of us feeling left out.

The TV ADC, was simply amazing and shows you that Bill and you communicate with your hearts- he “heard” what you were thinking about the TV and found a way to turn it on. In my dream visits with my Dad, of which there are so few now, we always communicate telepathically. And the bed pressing down- so beautiful to confirm he is always by your side!

I send you much love and hugs and my mom sends her hugs to you too.
Brightest Blessings, sweet Josie


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