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From: Josies-angel
Date: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 9:07 PM
Subject: Re: checking in
Hi Cath, I love that you got the scent of sausages,I have heard that scents are used often in spirit communication and the hugs you are receiving those are pretty awesome signs too.Its okay to get emotional Cath,having our loved ones in spirit reach out to us to show us they are around and sending us love,its such an amazing experience.Hope you have many more experiences.

As far as Bill cooking no,he could fry an egg however his skills were not in the kitchen,but he was very smart and a hard worker and a wonderful husband and provider.

hmm,you will probably cringe when you hear some of the things I ate as a child..pig tails in spaghetti sauce,pickled pigs feet,fried fatback and biscuits,greens cornbread.I still like all of these except the pig tails and pig feet,couldnt eat those today. Guess I was a weird kid liking those things. My mama was from the country and she cooked the above mentioned and lots of things fried,fried squash,fried potatoes,tomatoes etc.still love these things today. I love most anything containing tomatoes. I learned Italian cooking myself, I make good spagehtti sauce and good lasagna thats about it for Italian food that Im decent at.

Bill's family was from Pa and his mother was a really good cook,she made things like pasties(meat in dough)parogies, koraches and fried rice,awesome chinese dishes,things that I enjoyed but had not eaten before. As much as I loved food you would think I would weigh a ton but since my husband's passing I have gone from 138 to 120 lbs. I dont enjoy cooking like before,Ive become more of a snacker,I guess ive become to lazy to cook,especially when by myself.

You take care Cath,Hugs

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