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From: Josies-angel
Date: Wednesday, August 17, 2016 10:14 PM
Subject: checking in
Hi everyone,I know I have't been in here much or been supportive as in the past but its been a difficult journey for me these past 8 months. Some of you may not know my story but I lost my husband of 50 years this past December.
I do know without a doubt that spirit lives on and that they are in a much better place but still its been difficult to accept. I have been through the loss of my son,my mother,my step-father,my brother but Bill and I went through these losses together,this one has me feeling somewhat lost and questioning what is my purpose here.
I have had signs from my beloved that I would like to share with you all. Bill had been saying a few months before that we were not alone in the house, I ask him does it frighten him and he says "no,it comforts me".

The morning of his passing I was wondering if I should have turned his oxygen up and immediately I heard "then you would have worried about that" that is so true and I just knew that was Bill saying that.

We had his memorial on January 9th and the day before I had walked out on the porch and on the rosebush was one full red rose,the only one on the bush (in fact the bush had been trimmed up for the winter)I knew it was from him.

I had written some important info on a yellow piece of paper but I could not remember where I put it.I ask Bill if he could help me find it. Then I remembered I had rewritten it on a white piece of paper and also remembered where I put it.

My half brother and his wife who the year before had come into my life was visiting. He came from the back of the house and says "you know we are not here alone dont you?" shocked me at first but then I had to smile realizing it was Bill.

January 12th,heard a faint doorbell,checked,no one was there.

Jan.14th,woke up at 3:52 am the same time I woke up the morning that Bill passed. I woke up from my nap at 3:52 pm one afternoon.Looked up angel numbers to find meaning because I knew if I kept seeing them it meant something.
Angel numbers 3's and 5s said this:
"the ascended masters want to prepare you for a big life change that is imminent. They want you to know that they are holding your hand through this change and that everything will be alright. Embrace the change and look for the blessing within it"

jan.30th. Was in the bedroom standing by the tv on the dresser and thought" I havent had this tv on since Bill passed and suddenly it turned on,it had to be him because the remote was across the room by the bed.

had a dream of Bill,was not a "visit" dream but it was still good to see him.

Mar.20th..came from having dinner with my neighbors,I had left the tv on with music for the kitties while I ws gone. As soon as I got in the song "I have loved you too long"came on,a beautiful song,my thoughts went directly to Bill,not sure if it was a message,but felt it was.

March 25th,our son Billy had his first dream "visit" of his Dad,it was the night before his cruise and he felt it was his Dad saying he would be on that cruise with them. I think so too, because Bill was to accompany them the year before but he was hurting too much to go.

April 8th heard the screen door push in (a sound I am familiar with) my cat Sarah heard it too, I went to check but no one was there.The thing is I was reading about spirit signs when it happened.

June 12th, naptime,got into bed turned on my right side,but normally my left side,anyway I felt the bed behind me press down,I looked to see if it was one of the cats but it was not,knew it was Bill.

July 2nd, sitting at computer,heard man's voice say "Hey!" went on porch no one was there, few minutes later it dawned on me that it was Bill,the next day was our 51st Anniversary.

I guess you can see that I am journaling otherwise I would not be able to remember some of these signs and Im so glad I am.

I know this is long and maybe boring to some but I just wanted to share,thanks for listening.

Take care everyone. Love and Blessings, Josie

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