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From: ShiningLight1967
Date: Wednesday, April 06, 2016 1:32 AM
Subject: Re: Message from my husband
I guess I am starting to "settle" into this new life of mine, and not trying so hard to search for him and his signs. I am starting to just let them come. I think it was all just too new, just too much of a shock to me, so every thing that could have or was a sign, I would question and try and find a rational explanation for. I guess I have been waiting for the "grand sign" that is unmistakable and concrete evidence that it was him coming through. In my studies I have found that the more a person just lets it be, the better the communication will come through. That the barrier between us and them will have less interference and it will make it easier for our loved ones to come through.

The interesting thing is, I did have a "grand sign" that I saw and believed and then dismissed. I can see my husband throwing up his hands after that saying "What else can I do to make you see I am OK!"

I think that this was a specific message to me. And now I am left pondering the message.

I have become a student of ADCs and the life our loved ones have once they have transitioned. It's funny, I heard that word today about a very good friends' mother who has just passed. Her husband was talking about seeing her transition from this world to the next... and he was blessed to be there for that event.

I am starting to see more of my friends know and understand without a doubt that there is another life after this one.... and that gives me great comfort.

Just as being able to be here and share and read the stories of the loved ones who are still with the people that are in this world.

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