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From: CATH
Date: Thursday, April 07, 2016 5:48 PM
To: ShiningLight1967
Subject: Re: Message from my husband
Hi Shining Light Good to see you. I hope you are getting through this sad time. That sounded like a big sign to me too! Was it something your Dear Husband would have done to throw up his hands? That was a good one..your Hubby explaining about it. Agree with you, we must continue on as best we can, getting out and about, and then we will see more of the world and then more signs. Not much will happen while I am sitting here watching TV.Although, there are some unusual things.. Last night there was a sheep worming add on TV,,the sound track was one Pete s favourite songs "Don't Listen to a word I say" from 3 years ago, he had it on his ring tone for a long while. and years ago 10 years, we worked on a sheep.cattle state and Pete jabbed him self in the leg with a syringe while he was dosing Sheep,,and he felt a bit sheep for a few weeks..So that add made me think of lots of good memories.
Have you tried going for a walk by yourself and with your dogs if you have any?
Last night Clawsy the Cat came inside at night, it s starting to get cold here. She came into bed with me, she just waited by the door when I had a shower. I turned off the light and she meowed and meowed, something she doesn't do. Maybe she could feel Pete in the Bed room. I'll take that as a sign and I hope you see some more signs Shining Light..Take care there CATHx

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