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Afterlife TV - with Bob Olson serves to guide and educate you about the afterlife. Here you'll see videos where Bob Olson talks with authors, experts & practitioners, videos of Bob sharing what he's learned from his investigations, and videos where people share their personal afterlife experiences.
Angels on Earth Magazine
A magazine about true stories of every day miracles. It is published by Guideposts magazine. It has a beautiful Send a Seed program that sends seeds to areas of the country that have been destroyed by natural disasters.
Bereavement Magazine
Founder & Editor, Andrea Gambill, offers a wide variety of resources for anyone bereaved, via subscription. Also many referrals to other resources for bereavement support. A wonderful magazine, especially suitable for gift-giving.
Boston Center for Adult Education
Throughout its history, the Center has remained responsive to the demands of a diverse community, as well as to the evolving demands of the individual. Whether serving as a site for volunteer wartime efforts in the 1940s, a haven for social policy debate in the 1960s, or a resource for personal and professional growth to navigate toward the next century, the Center meets the challenges of a thriving urban community.
Dandelion Books
Uncensored Unfettered and Banned Books, Dandelion Books the Author's Publisher, Get banned books and uncensored books at Dandelion Books
Doug Stephan's 'Good Day USA'
Featuring over five hours of morning talk with a full line-up of news, weather, politics, entertainment, sports, business, metaphysical authors, and travel, 'Good Day USA' has been going strong for 11 years.
Gold Thread: In Another Life TV Documentary
This documentary will air on Saturday, January 11, 2003 in Denver area on KDBI-TV. This original documentary presents an overview of the ways Americans are encountering reincarnation, including scientific research, past-life therapy and the introduction of teachings about reincarnation from the East. There are also interviews with people who have had direct, and sometimes verifiable, experiences relating to reincarnation. This video is available for purchase.
Grief Digest Magazine
Grief Digest is a quarterly magazine supporting grieving people and caregivers. It is sponsored by its parent organization, The Centering Corporation -
Guideposts Magazine
Guideposts - America's #1 Inspirational Magazine. Motivating stories, weekly features, faith, spirituality, prayer, fellowships, e cards, self-help, customer service.
Intuitive Vision Network
is a public relations firm in NYC, committed to providing the highest level of creative and credible communications services to maximize the clients' success, and to provide these services in a timely and responsible fashion. They are exclusively devoted to those in the holistic, environmental, health, behavioral science and metaphysical fields!
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