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Links to spiritual and paranormal radio and television programming, as well as magazines, journals, seminar programs, spiritual tours/cruises, and more.
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Laura Lee Radio Show
Join the adventure with host, Laura Lee ~ Radio for the intellectually daring, with on-line listening only!
New Dimensions Radio
Hosts, Justine Toms, explores the social, political, scientific, environmental and spiritual frontiers, through radio and television interviews, with many of today's foremost social innovators, thinkers, scientists, and creative artists.
Of Spirit Magazine
This is a free weekly online holistic magazine and resource. Discover the secrets of health, prosperity and joy! Whether you are seeking wisdom for energy healing, knowledge about spirits and angels, principles for attracting wealth or methods for preventative health, is the fastest growing Holistic Magazine & Resource on the Internet.
Spiral Circle Bookstore
Central Florida's premier metaphysical and spiritual bookstore, offering lots of local resources for events, workshops, and programs too.
Technologies for Worship Magazine
An educational resource for pastors, ministers, volunteers, and technical support staff within the church. It offers technical information on audio, video, broadcast, computers, drama and lighting for use in a worship environment. If your church is in need of obtaining technical leadership and guidance to expand and increase outreach, Technologies for Worship Magazine is a fantastic basis for development.
Home of caring book production with a difference. TJPublish will ghostwrite, edit, design, layout and typeset books for small publishers. No project is too small or too large.
Unknown Country
Whitley Strieber hosts Unknown Country radio show every Saturday night, 6-10pm Pacific, with a variety of guests, including leading-edge researchers and authors, plus Whitley often guest-hosts Art Bell's radio show. Whitley keeps a month's worth of archived shows at his site, for 'free' online listening, without commercial interruption.
Xlibris Publishing
Xlibris is a book publishing company created by authors, for authors. By focusing on the needs of creative writers and artists, and on how print on demand technology and new approaches can be applied in the publishing industry, we provide authors publishing services to help them get published.
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