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Plantation, Florida, United States
April 22, 2010
please do you have any chat rooms that i could attend. i havent been on the computer for over 2 years now im hungry for any spiritual chat room. love and light miracles
manahawkin, New Jersey, United States
April 21, 2010
I ordered "Hello from Heaven" and received it last night. I battle to put it down! About 23 years ago my first love, Johnny, passed away, and over the years he would appear in my dreams. After a couple of "visits", I realised that every time he was there, I would be told that somebody had passed away. The closer he came to me, the closer the person would be to me! This started freaking me out, so I did a crossing over. He then told me that he only tried to prepare me for the death so it would not be too much of a shock, but he would find another way of preparing me. Well, after that, whenever I hear of a death, I get this calm feeling over me and I am not shocked at all! I know he is preparing me, but I have no idea how. I will just leave it to him. On my way home after the crossing over, I went past the pharmacy. In the window was a display of the perfume Johnny used to buy me. Needless to say, I bought a bottle. The next time I went to the pharmacy, I realised that they do not even sell perfume! This must have been Johnny's way to let me know he is around.
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
April 8, 2010
a year and a half ago i had a dream about a friend of mine that died. i just found out he died on the day of the dream
hernando, Mississippi, United States
April 6, 2010
Your book helped me with the loss of my son Landen in 2003. I was 7 months pregnant. I gave birth to Journi in December 2009 and lost he Jan.24th to meningitis. Im really hurting. I hope god gives me strength. I am really hurting. I am a nurse. I try to understand but in return find nothing.
Van Buren, Arkansas, United States
April 1, 2010
I lost my doughter in 2007. She was 19 and the youngest of 7. My life has never been the same. My husband committed susicide in 2000 and then my father in 2001 then my Sarah in 2007. Sometimes I feel no light at the end. I wish for strenght but there is none. Just rmember God as a plan which he has not shone me yet,time will tell. Love to you both and I wish I could be as strong. Tami
Shenandoah, Iowa, United States
March 29, 2010
I found this site shortly after the suicide of our daughter Catherine in 1999. I read the book"hello from Heaven" and I found it very useful in that I was able to recognize the various adcs that I attributed to my daughter. Over the years there have been many of various kinds, including dreams, and animals. An example was something that happened to my husband . The last time we saw Catherine in her casket before the funeral ,my husband had a vision of her above the casket . She was running through clouds towards his parents whom she had never met as they died many years before she was born. She was running and had on a strange brown dress, uncharacteristic of her. She was saying 'Ive met you at last'. My husband mentioned this vision a few weeks later , and I had just read "hello from heaven". I couldn't believe it but there was an almost identical incident described in the book. I read it aloud to my husband. A few weeks later we were going out to dinner, and was wearing a dress I had bought the day Catherine had died. I had worn it to the hospital where she had been taken. I had kept my coat on all the time and my husband hadn't seen the dress before. He said "where did you get that dress? I told him. He said it was the exact same one Catherine had been wearing in the vision.He had never seen it on me before. She wanted him to know that she was aware what I was wearing at the hospital. It was a very drab, plain dress, something that Catherine would never have worn. I could go on and on about the many signs that Catherine has sent us, sincerely , Ann McGarity
Tamworth, New Hampshire, United States
March 23, 2010
I think that this is a great place for people with unique and genuine ADC's can come share their experiences, so that others may learn and know that they arn't alone. It's a wonderful way for God to ease our pain. I call it a miracle.
Visalia, California, United States
March 15, 2010
Thank you for all you do.
Springfield, Missouri, United States
March 11, 2010
It was a joy to meet Bill when he came to present a conference at the ARE/Edgar Cayce Foundation. I was so looking forward to meeting him ever since I'd read 'Hello from Heaven!' It was the FIRST book to introduce the world to ADC - After Death Communication - but most importantly, it helped me in my hospice work, and helping the families deal with grief. I was a bit nervous when I arrived for the conference, because I was also speaking at the conference, "Edgar Cayce's Communications Here and Hereafter." I've studied Cayce since I was 16 - which makes me 432 years old - but when I visited the ARE Library I was astonished. It is the finest metaphysical library in the country - dare I say the world? 70,000+ volumes on any conceivable spiritual-metaphysical subject. My favorite section there is the "Life After Death" section. AMAZING VOLUMES. Bill put a treasure of books in the Bibliography of his book--many hard-to-find titles, that can be found at ARE Library. When I wrote "The Place We Call Home," I did not have to go further than ARE Library. He and I both have a love for the afterlife books published in the late 19th--early 20th century. Finest material ever published on the subject. Long long story short(er) (I'll do my best) - during the break at the conference, I went outside to smoke and this man came up and gave me a list of several books and they were books on the afterlife from authors I'd talked about in my lectures. "I can't believe this!" I said. "You're the first person I've ever met who has heard of these authors!" Then I looked at his name tag. "Bill Guggenheim." I'm rarely speechless...I rarely shut up is more like it...but I was speechless. "You''re..."I fumbled. "Hi I'm Bill." So funny, kind, down to earth - and we were like two kids talking about our favorite subject. It was like I'd known him for years. And he got an A+ for not mentioning I was smoking! That's very rare at spiritual/metaphysical events... For whatever reason, people are shocked when they see me smoking--like I should be walking on water or something on my break. If smoking shocks you, especially people who speak in the field Bill and I do)...I mean...if THAT shocks you, then no doubt you avoid CNN; you did turn it on, you'd blow up like something in "The Hurt Locker," no doubt. Note: People who speak in the field of metaphysics are HUMAN...if you are intolerant of weaknesses that you don't a) have or b) understand, then do an honest inventory and write down YOUR addictions-habits(chocolate, Desperate Housewives, Tofu, Family Guy, soap operas, alcohol, drugs, ad nauseum)'ll see those addictions leave less residue...but a vice is a vice. Remember: A prerequisite to entering earth is "To bring light and do the best you can to make the world a better place by being kind under usually challenging situations." I don't remember reading any fine print on the contract that says "Thou Shalt Relinquish Being Human if Thou Art Published and/or Become a Public Speaker." Edgar Cayce said, "That which ye cannot stand in others is what ye MOST SEE, what ye CANNOT cannot bear within thine own self." Think about that. My beloved friend and mentor George Ritchie, MD (author of "Return from Tomorrow") said at a lecture once: "If you want to guarantee yourself a quick return trip to earth in less than favorable circumstances, then judge someone you don't understand...or condemn someone because of their behavior...or color of their skin, or their religion, or sexual orientation. When you do, you've formed a "PRE-JUDGE-MENT" (prejudice); and you've created an opportunity to come back to earth to LIVE IN THE SHOES OF THE THING YOU CONDEMNED, so you will condemn no more." In this, "Karma" doesn't mean punishment, it means "inheritance." Cayce said: "that which ye condemn in others, ye will become..." Jesus said, "Before you try to take the splinter from your brother's eye, remove the BEAM from your own.") He was great with one-liners, wasn't he? Seriously, we're all "works in progress" -- and Bill Guggenheim speaks so eloquently in his book - and in person - about the importance for compassion and being non-judgmental--toward ALL beings--because that compassion uplifts the whole world. I mean, it's easy to love your friends, right? What challenge is there in that? Where's the spiritual growth? Growth comes when we broaden our awareness and realize the spark of God resides in the highest and the lowest; the sacred and the condemned criminal. Because, if we don't TRY to love a little more, and send love to people who appear to deserve it the least, we've forgotten: "Treat others as you would want to be others as thyself..." Because in the final analysis, WE ARE ALL EACH OTHER. And the things we did in love as well as ignorance, will, as Cayce said, "As chickens, they shall come home to roost." In this life, or the next. What better way for us to be unconditionally loving beings than "to walk a mile in another's shoes." Everyone we meet is an aspect of ourselves, and on the road home--irrespective of their appearance or station in life. "All is One." That has huge implications. When we are unjustly critical to others, we are speaking directly into a mirror. We're judging ourselves. Bill's wonderful book clearly shows that Heaven and Hell are realms that we are building right here, right now, by ourselves alone. Remember the old adage when someone died? They'd say, "She's gone to her Reward?" That reward, after death, my friends, takes on many forms. A woman asked Edgar Cayce in a reading: "Where will I go when I leave this earth?" The sleeping Cayce said, "To that [place] thou art building, to that [place] thou art creating." Dr. Ritchie told me, "I feel I came back from my NDE not just to tell my story, but to try to share that unconditional love with people I meet everyday. It's the TRY, Rob...I falter plenty...but it's in the TRYING that we never fail... I'm so grateful to Bill and to George and the countless people who've written brilliant books that help us in the most illuminating ways. In closing I'll never forget George telling me, "The Light I experienced in my near-death experience LOVED every unloveable thing about was my job to try to BE that to others. It's a work in progress and there's no pass or fail...only many roads, many mansions to the place we call home. Bill taught me to be patient with myself. As Cayce said, "you cannot rush a rose." Peace, Robert J. Grant, author of "The Place We Call Home". See Bill & Robert in the ARE Press DVD presentation "Beyond Death--Communicating with Loved Ones on the Other Side." (ARE Press
Newport News, Virginia, United States
March 9, 2010
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