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This is a wonderful site for those who need to express their feelings. It gives them an opportunity to share with others and get a response. Thank you, May God Bless you all..
Kintnersville, Pennsylvania, United States
December 31, 1997
A phone call from Heaven: I recently lost my son Benjamin on 6/4/97. About two months ago, I was having a difficult time sleeping. I laid my head on the pillow and closed my eyes. Within seconds I heard the phone ring. Knowing I wasn't asleep,and yet knowing that I didn't have the phone next to me . I said Hello as if I were talking on the phone. It was 11:35 pm, I heard on the other end"Hi Mom, it's Ben! I asked him how he was able to talk with me and he said "God allowed him to call me...I was so excited and I knew if I opened my eyes it would all be over, I asked him to tell God, Thank you for me. I also asked if he were in Heaven? He said no,but he was with God.?? Then I aslked him Why was it so hard to hear him as it sounded as If he was talking through a tunnel. Ben with his sense of humor replied" MOM, what do you expect, I'm one hundred million miles away from you? Ha ...We exchanged a few more words and then I asked him if I would hear from him again. He said Yes!!.... I knew the conversation was ending and started to get emotional. As soon as it was over I jumped up and looked at the clock . It was now 12:00pm..I remebered the whole conversation and ran downstairs to call my daughter. It was a blessing to hear from Ben and to know he was alright. There is communication I have experienced this in more ways then one. Thank you for allowing me to share my experience.
Kintnersville, Pennsylvania, United States
December 31, 1997
After my father died in 1979, I had a series of spiritually healing and predictive dreams with my father. These were confirmed by consequent occurrences. My father appeared to my mother in their backyard and also spoke to my brother at the exact moment my water broke and I went into labor. My daughter to this day is able to "see" my father (whom she never met on this side) and receive messages from him.
Columbus, Ohio, United States
December 30, 1997
I had bought your book last year and I cryed thru some of the stories that you had written in there. I think that it is wonderful and there was two in there that were almost the same as mine. Thank you so much for writing a book about that subject.....Peace and love too you ........Allison Felty
east liberty, Ohio, United States
December 30, 1997
I just wanted too say after reading some of the messages that were posted. I had lost my mother and my best friend in 1984 too cancer, and then in 1985 I lost my sister too suicide, and then in 1992 I lost my twin daughters shortly after birth. I just wanted too say that I have had so many ADC with my mother and my daughters that it is hard to keep track of now. I cherish them all the time. For a while there I thought that I was really loosing my mind, like some of you think. I had Greta ALexander (a psychic) do readings for me too let me know that I wasnt loosing my mind. She had told me that my mother comes too see me alot and that when she does, she makes herself known too me, (which she does) My mother had the gift and was extremeley sensitive and so am I. My daughters I know saved me from suicide days after I lost them. At first I thought that it was my imagination, because of my grief that I had for them, but those lil angels proved me wrong, because they showed me my future in my second dream, that I would have more children again, and they were right they showed me that I was going too have another child that would be born in the winter and the next year in November 18,1993 my son Alec was born. and how I know that it was my daughters showing me my future was that EVERYTHING in the dream was there, the color of the hospital room, the season that he was born in, I know that it wasnt me doing this for the simple fact that I was positive that I didnt want anymore children for the fear that I would loose another child. These ADC's that you all are having are TRUE! They do happen and they are a PRECIOUS gift that you are being blessed with. Praise God that we are able too still keep in touch with our loved ones after thier passing. Alot of you have written wanting to know James VanPraaghs address.....Let me tell you one thing! This man is truly a gift from God, because 2 months ago I had a reading done by him and he knew NOTHING about my life and he knew that my mother comes too me and makes herself known to me thru electrical lights and that colored "Auras" ( that is the only way that I can decribe it is Auras) this man truly has the gift and God Bless him for that. He is truly remarkable along with the lady Greta Alexander. Sorry about writing so much I am a talker.....:o)
East Libery, Ohio, United States
December 30, 1997
I Just started to read your book,And now I don'tfeel so crazy! I Dream all the time.
Brooklyn, New York, United States
December 29, 1997
My son Jay died instantly on 5/20/94 while enjoying a ride on his motorcycle. We were very close as I adopted him at 5 days old, and was also a single parent. I miss him so, and have had some things happen to me, that my parents beleive I am losing mind about. I know it sometimes sounds crazy, but I know he gives me signs from time to time.
arion, Iowa, United States
December 28, 1997
My Mother passed away on October 21st 1995. Two days later I experienced a sentient/tactile/olfactory ADC. I was so moved by this unbelievable experienced that I could hardly focus on anything else. I will be contacting you Bill & Judy to give you incredible details about my experience. My sister and father have experienced ADCs after the death of my Mother also. Thank you soooo much for `Hello from Heaven`, I now know that I ain`t crazy. I`m leaving you with a poem I wrote a year later after my Mother`s death.......I AM MY MOTHER'S DAUGHTER by Nicole Lavergne...(written in October 96) It took me over a year to write this down... My head was searching but no words were found... Why did death ring my Mother's door... As my Father stood by and heard her snore... It happened some October morning... Such a dark day and the rain was pouring... I can't remember the feelings much... My soul however, never hurt as such... My Mother went to the other side... "No good byes, no hugs, no kisses.."? I cried... You came to me on the second night... I felt you caressing my soul just right... A soothing aroma I smelt... I just know what I felt... I will always be my Mother's daughter.... Just a little girl wanting her Mother... I have so many words to say... I'll never see your hair turn gray... Or count the wrinkles on your face... And watch you grow old with grace... I never weighed the odds against the stack... while drifting away I often look back... Playing house with my little sister... Pyjama parties and a game of Twister... I now look at my daughters with pride... I know your love is alive inside... If my daughters marry one day..... I know I will shed some tears your way... It was only yesterday or the day before... I was thinking how I miss you more... The circle of life from above.... Is only a link to "Eternal love"... I sure wish you could hear all this... Gazing at the sky I blow you a kiss... The day my Mother died I grew old... My reason for living was unfold... I am my Mother's daughter.... I will love you forever.... I am my daughters Mother... As we all hold hands in laughter...
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
December 28, 1997
Larry King had James Van Praagh as a guest recently. His e-mail address seems to be incorrect. Does anybody know how to cantact him?
December 26, 1997
I am currently reading Hello From Heaven and really enjoying it. Two years ago I read Raymond Moody's book Reunions, on a similar subject. I have read most of the NDE books out there and am a member of IANDS. At first I avoided this subject because it seemed too "spooky" for me, but have revised my opinion dramatically. Thank you for a terrific book and for added evidence that we live on.
Independence, Oregon, United States
December 25, 1997
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