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Very interesting site I would have never imagined something like this existed
Parsippany, New Jersey, United States
June 22, 2010
Hi, I am 20 years old and I just lost my brother David Garcia May 21st 2010. He died on my graduation day, I did not walk for my graduation. He died of a motorcycle accident, he was riding around on a crotch-rocket when an 18 year old girl on her cell-phone pulled out infront of him. He had the complete right of way and was at no fault. My brother was only 28 years old and he helped raise me when I was young. I love him so much and I feel so lost without him. I have begged and pleaded for him to show me signs that he is there. I have been reading new-aged books trying to make sense of why it had to be him. He had a contagious smile and loved to play good- humored pranks and laugh. Why does such a wonderful person have to be gone so soon? I just got done reading Love Never Dies by Sandy Goodman, this book has touched my heart and has put some things into perspective for me. This book truely makes me feel that someone else understands my hurt. I feel I have lost a brother...and a father all in one. I have experienced alot of death with my family. I have lost in only the past five years: My grandfather, my step-father to be, my ex boyfriend who i was still friends with, my best friend, another friend, my grandmother, my brother, and my great grandmother of 103; plus numerous pets who I consider my family as well. I just do not understand why we are put on this earth to experiance so much grief. I realize we are supposed to be here to learn and make ourselves better...I am very spiritual, not really religious at all. I just want answers, and I want to talk to my brother, I want to know that he is alright and that he is with me. Everytime I feel I am getting better with the grieving another huge wave of grief hits me and knocks me onto my stomach. I need reasurance...and I need his help, I talk to him frequently and just awaiting answers and signs. I feel there is nothing else that I can do but wait.
MT. Pleasant, Michigan, United States
June 13, 2010
I Feel very sorry for everyone who has lost someone, i know how it feels to loose someone special but sometimes things happen for a reason sometimes it depends on the choices the people make or sometimes accidents happen. i really understand how people would feel for people they have lost its like something is missing in your life. humans were not really meant to die old or age. like someone i once knew he stated the world would end in 1999 but he died while being hit by a bus. but the world carried on. death is not a nice thing but it happens and now i have just learnt to accept it.
Puerto Rico, United States
June 12, 2010
Boo Hoo! i just lost my mother and i am coming to terms with it! Boo Hoo!
Desha, Arkansas, United States
June 12, 2010
thanks the song is beautiful, i lost my mum and other relatives many years ago, I have had signs the voice of my grandma the night my mum passed i know for certain beyond a shawdow of a doubt she is still around me i am even happier i found hello from heaven and love you both judy and bill for what you have done you are true angels sent to give us this news for this i am grateful for ever mum dad and
yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
June 4, 2010
Hi all, very interested in your subject as i once had an NDE when i was young. Brian White.
Cork, Cork, Ireland
May 30, 2010
Dear friends, hello there... I finally found your book "Saludos desde el cielo" in a esoteric book store in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. I had it on my wish list for sometime so I was thrilled when I finally found it. The reason I'm writing to you is first of all to congratulate you both for such an amazing work of investigation. A landmark in life after death experiences. The second reason, I know it is going to sound strange, but during a couple of occasion after meeting people and shaking hands I have heard a voice telling me that that is the last time I'm seeing that person. I get very puzzle with this because indeed after a couple of months the persons dies. Can you suggest any reading or self-development on the subject. If that voice coming from my spiritual guide?.. Please help me... Love to hear from you. Kind regards, Your friend and admirer, Victor Aparicio
Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands
May 18, 2010
Your website is phenomenal! I find it to be extremely uplifting and just what I need in those moments I am feeling alone. Also, "Hello from Heaven" has proven to be such an invaluable asset to me during my periods of grief. The wonderful stories remind me of my own experiences.. and that I am not alone with ADC communications.
Rockport, Massachusetts, United States
May 17, 2010
Hi Bill and Judy, I read your book "Hello From Heaven" and thought it was wonderful. When I was really sick one night I woke up to find an older lady by the side of my bed. I thought to myself I am wide awake, my eyes are open what is she still doing here. She then slowly vanished in front of my eyes. I could not recognize her but I am sure she was watching over me while I was sick. On another occasion when I was sick again I had a dream that I woke up and at the foot of my bed was a man and a lady watching over me. The man told me he was my guide, before I could speak my cat woke me up, she was meowing really loudly, although she was not with me that night. The fist encounter I was definitely awake the second encounter was in a dream, however I have had many dreams where things have occurred shortly after the dream. I used to be scared of having an encounter but after these 2 experiences I am no longer scared. Thank you for writing this book it shows people that we do have someone watching over us, we are not alone. Love and Light. Marie Grbin.
Marie Grbin
Melbourne, United States
May 12, 2010
i have lost two sons and a husband in the last two years. your song seems to help when i feel like i can't make it another day here on earth...
Kernersville, North Carolina, United States
April 25, 2010
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