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dear Bill and Judy,it was so heartwarming to read your wonderful book.i recently lost my son ilan at 26 yrs.old and your book was recommended to me thru someone on the internet.i found it such a comfort to read story after story of ADC's.i have since bought your book as gifts to give to warms my heart to think that ilan is in a special place and is never far from me.your book has helped me to realize that all this is possible and i have been fortunate to have had a few very real ADC's with ilan one such ADC, ilan spoke to me thru the computer, and said, very clearly-I AM NOT DEAD.there have been others and that is why i know that your book will open the door to so much more.thank you for the book, which will always have a special place on my bookshelf.Marlene
montreal, Quebec, Canada
January 5, 2002
Have just finished reading "Hello From Heaven" What a wonderful book. I now have hope where I had none previously. Having lost my Dad to a massive heart attack Feb.3, 2001, I have been feeling like a lost soul. Counselling sessions have definitely been in my agenda. A friend put me on to the book and I am very thankful to her for that. I am hoping that I will be one of the lucky ones to have an ADC. Perhaps I have already had one and am still blocked to realize it. Whatever the case, I am very grateful to Bill and Judy for their gift of this book. Here's one lost soul who is feeling a little less lost thanks to them!!!
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
January 3, 2002
Recently lost my 39 year old daughter to a brain aneurysm and stroke. Shortly after she died I had a dream of a beautiful butterfly. My family and I visited the grave of my husband and grandparents and right above us was a partial rainbow, this was in late December on a dark and dismal day. Last week while sitting at my kitchen table on floor walking was a sparrow. I went to pick it up and it flew towards the window. I was able to pick it up and let it go outside. Since it was cold outside, I had no windows or doors open. After reading your Butterfly Website, I now know those were signs from my daughter.
Parma, Ohio, United States
January 2, 2002
this is a very wonderful website,I didn't know it existed til I needed it and I've told some of my friends about it keep up the good work thak you....mindy R. smith
Urbana, Ohio, United States
January 1, 2002
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