Books About the Interlife
The Heart (Part 1)
The Heart (Part 2)
The Mind
The Child Within
Life After Death
Bereaved Parents
The Interlife
Dolores Cannon Between Death And Life transcripts of interviews of people who were hypnotized and what they recalled about their death, life in the spirit realm, and rebirth on earth
Michael Newton, Ph.D. Journey Of Souls "case studies of life between lives" - this is a well-documented book but it's conclusions are quite controversial
Helen Wambach Life Before Live from the memories of 750 people who were hypnotized
Brian L. Weiss, M.D. Many Lives, Many Masters
Through Time Into Healing
Only Love Is Real
Three best-selling books by a highly respected psychiatrist - based upon interviews of his hypnotized patients
Joel Whitton, M.D. and Joe Fisher Life Between Life based upon hypnotic regression of thirty medical case histories
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