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A Mother's Story Gloria Vanderbilt A successful clothing designer and member of the famous Vanderbilt family, she became a bereaved mother when her son, Carter, fell or jumped to his death before her eyes - well written, raw, and very intense
Across The Line Anice Terhune Albert Payson Terhune, her loving husband of 40 years who died in 1942, dictated much of the contents to her - (this book is out-of-print)
Blessed are They that Mourn Nan Zastrow An amazing book about what hurts and what heals as we go through times of mourning. Written in memory of her son, Chad, Nan says, "Because he lived, I will always remember. Because I remember, he will never die."
Ever After William Wharton his 36-year-old daughter, Kate, her husband, Bill (Bert), and their two daughters, Dayiel and Mia, are killed in a multi-vehicle accident
Fireflies David Morrell David is best-known as an author and for creating the movie character, "John Rambo" - this book narrates the struggle of his 15-year old son, Matthew, who dies of complications during cancer therapy
Five Cries of Grief Merton & Irene Strommen Their 25-year-old son, David, was killed when he was struck by lightning while he was jogging in the Colorado Rockies
From Erin With Love Helen M. Fisher Helen has ADCs with her 20-year-old daughter, Erin, who dies from complications of Hodgkins Disease
Go Toward The Light Chris Oyler her 7-year-old son, Ben, contracts AIDS when he receives contaminated blood to treat his hemophilia
Heather's Return Geri C. Wiitala a bereaved mother's search for renewed faith following the death of her 17-year-old daughter - this book contains many ADC accounts
In The Absence Of Angels Elizabeth Glaser wife of actor/director Paul Michael Glaser, she became HIV positive from blood transfusions she received after the birth of their daughter, Ariel, who in turn contracted the AIDS virus from her mother's breast milk and died of AIDS at age 7
Into The Valley And Out Again Richard Edler a bereaved father's journey through grief after his 18-year-old son dies from a fall
Landscape Without Gravity Barbara Lazear Ascher the life and death of her 31-year-old brother, Bobby, who dies of AIDS - very powerfully written
Lessons Of Love Melody Beattie her 12-year-old son, Shane, was killed in a skiing accident - Melody is the author of the best-selling book, Codependent No More
Letter to My Husband Jill Truman her husband, Tony, dies unexpectedly of an illness
Life After Grief Jack Clark his struggle with grief after his wife, Brenda, commits suicide
Lost And Found Barbara Bernstein her 34-year-old daughter, Vicki, dies of cancer
Love & Roses Robert J. Grant a hospice volunteer chronicles his relationship with David, a young patient dying of AIDS who was assigned to him
Love Song From Beyond Inga L. Chesney she receives communications from her husband, Bob, after he dies of a heart attack
Morning Has Been All Night Coming John Harricharan he and his children have ADCs with his desceased wife, Mardai
My Garden Visits Justin Matott Justin has a series of ADCs with his deceased mother, usually while gardening at his home
My Son ... My Son ... Iris Bolton Iris is a therapist and the Executive Director of The Link Counseling Center, Atlanta, GA; she wrestles with her grief after her 20-year-old son, Mitch, took his own life
Stephen Lives! Anne Puryear Anne is a minister and cofounder of The Logos Center, Scottsdale, AZ - a very touching account of the life of her 15-year-old son, Stephen, his death by suicide, and the many ADCs she received from him afterwards
Still Talking Joan Rivers her husband of 22 years, Edgar Rosenberg, takes his own life
The Swan In The Evening Rosamond Lehmann An English writer, Rosamond becomes a bereaved mother when her 23-year-old daughter, Sally, dies of poliomyelitis
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