Books on Christian Spirituality
The Heart (Part 1)
The Heart (Part 2)
The Mind
The Child Within
Life After Death
Bereaved Parents
The Interlife
William Barclay Jesus Of Nazareth a modern biography - buy the large format edition with the beautiful photographs from the film directed by Franco Zeffirelli
Jim Cymbala Fresh Power The prophetic message of this book encourages Christians  to find the middle ground between extremes through a biblical experience of  the Holy Spirit.
Alfred Edersheim The Life and times of Jesus the Messiah A great book. Not only does it cover the story of Jesus, but also covers much information on what life was like during His time here on earth.
Kahlil Gibran Jesus – The Son Of Man Jesus is portrayed through the words of seventy-seven contemporaries who know him.
Joseph F. Girzone Joshua
Joshua And The Children
Joshua In The Holy Land
three uplifting novels that portray Jesus bringing peace to today's world
Published by Guideposts at Angels Ever Near: Everywhere from A to Z A collection of 52 real-life experiences that prove God is always close, always ready to hear our prayers, always eager to send his messengers of mercy.
compiled by the editors of Guideposts magazine His Mysterious Ways – Volumes I-IV many short, miraculous true stories of God at work in the everyday lives of ordinary people
Dr. David Jeremiah Why the Nativity? 35 compelling reasons we celebrate the birth of Christ.
Flavius Josephus (ad 37-100) The Works of Josephus Josephus is the author of what has become for Christianity some of the most significant extra-biblical writings of the first century. 
Max Lucado    
Josh McDowell Evidence That Demands a Verdict vol 1 and 2 An unparalleled defense of Christianity. 
designed and illustrated by Judy Pelikan The Words Of Christ - An Illuminated Volume this book also makes a very lovely gift
transmitted through Helen Schucman A Course In Miracles (Volumes 1-3) Christian in orientation, this is an important course that will permanently raise and expand the spiritual consciousness of the serious student
Lee Strobel The Case for a Creator
The Case for Christ
The Case for Faith
A journalist investigates scientific evidence that points toward God. He confronts some of the most difficult objections to belief. His books will lead their readers on the path  to satisfying and life-changing answers.
Joseph M Stowell Loving Christ Stowell's retelling of a story from the Gospel of Luke probes the essence of what it means to love Christ. 
Various The New Testament: The New King James Version buy the red letter edition and read the words and teachings of Jesus that appear in red ink; your understanding of Christianity may change dramatically!
Rick Warren The Purpose Driven Life This book is a priceless gift for everyone who wants to know their purpose and fulfill their destiny. This book ahs had the most profound impact on the church world wide of any book in this generation.
Bruce Wilkinson The Prayer of Jabez
Secrets of the Vine
A Life God Rewards
Three of the most excellent books on Christian living.
Marianne Williamson A Return To Love reflections on the principles of "A Course In Miracles"
Philip Yancey What's so Amazing about Grace The concept of Grace is vague and often difficult to grasp, and yet is the true message of Jesus. Yancey makes the idea of Grace clear and easy to grasp 
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