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From: Maryann
Date: Saturday, May 01, 2021 2:04 PM
Subject: finally!
Yes, I finally received a Dream Visit...breaking the silence.
A dear friend, Ginetta, passed from cancer just before last Christmas. She also happens to be our 23 yr old daughter's bio-grandmother. Sadly, the family has fallen apart from both grief and anger. (I told many of her family members at that time that Gin was the GLUE for that family. How right I was.)
Today there is to be a memorial, however, several members of the family had no input and were told when it was to be on short notice (us included). We've chosen to have our own Celebration of Life with other family members who wish to join us, probably in a couple of weeks.......
It's been very painful and I've asked Ginetta what she thought. Last night she came in a dream. She didn't say anything at first except to show how happy she is and she was so YOUNG! I remember asking her,"Is that YOU? You look like you could be your own 20 year old daughter!" She just laughed and twirled around to show how well she is, and then said, "Let it go."
I am taking this as a message that she is okay with us not getting involved with the drama.

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