Re: There goes a cabbage
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From: David Hurd
Date: Monday, March 15, 2021 6:45 PM
To: David Hurd
Subject: Re: There goes a cabbage
Amazing that I came back here almost a year later! I am agonizing at my not having important talks with her when she took me in in Sept. 1992. I was terrible grandson. I was given a wonderful gift to spend time with her but I BLEW IT! Sooo much to say but I sat in silence and she swiveled her chair around 180 degrees away from tv. I now know she was upset with me. I am so tired as did not sleep last night. I am sorry Mom Mom I have to get stop dwelling on these things. I think you forgave me , I can't forgive myself. This won't make sense... I am exhausted and can't write now.

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